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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Link Exchange With Banner or Button Script Display

One of my blog visitor asked about how to display link exchange script in the blog page. So I decide to post the script for that.

The script works for's blog. I do not know whether it will work with other blog platforms. For Wordpress users,  you may be able to use the "Text" widget,  but I  never try this.

So for users here are the steps:

  1. Sign in to your blog.
  2. In the Dashbord, click "Layout".
  3. Once you are in go to "Template", then "Page Element".
  4. In "Page Element", click "Add Page Element". Blogger template have several "Add Page Element" location.
  5. When the "Add Page Element" pop-up windows open, choose the "Add HTML/JavaScript. 
  6. Just copy paste the below script and save it. Remember do not forget to change the Your Site Name with the name of your site, YourLink with your link address and the with your image location address (the address where you uploaded your image into.)

<a href="">
<img alt="Your Site Name" src=""/>

Copy and paste the below script:

<textarea style="width:80px; height:50px" onclick="select()">
<a href="" target="_blank">
<img border="0" alt="" src=""/>

If you do not have your own banner/button you can go to    or other free banner or button maker providers to create your button.  Then you can upload it to free image hosting sites that are available  outthere. 

Well, I hope it is useful for you.


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The Bimbo said...

Hey! Thanks for coming by! This is extremely useful!!! :) I'm going to use it right now. THANKS!

ISET said...

You're welcome... :) Come again... :)

Elok Motor Club said...

wah... bukannya tak tolak... cuman blm sempet utak atik blog ... sorry deh.... ntar kalo punya waktu luang pasti tak exchange deh..

ISET said...

Halo, Boss Elok,

Thanks yah... :)

floydcraig said...

Hey! Love Your Blog! Thanks for the Great info!

ISET said...

Thanks Floyd, nice of you to drop by and commenting. I will stopby too your corner too... :)

Shanon Sandquist said...

Hey, this is an awesome blog you've
got here!! I'm definitely going to
bookmark it! By the way, I found a
awesome site that has similar kind of link exchange kind of stuff! If you get time, check it out.

ISET said...

Hi Shannon, nice of you to drop by and give such a nice complement. I'll make the time to visit the site.

Thanks again and please feel free to drop by again and say hi... :))

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pak, tipsnya kami coba yah.
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